Born in Rio de Janeiro and living since 1986 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I keep myself busy giving lessons, studying and developing myself in the quick world of technology.
I teach Portuguese language to groups and individuals, including children, giving them orientation about culture and people in Brazil.
I am also an Interpreter and Translator from/to Portuguese, Dutch, English and Spanish.
Meanwhile I create websites using the WordPress platform, giving you the necessary support.
Last years Education
2007 – 2010
Activities and Societies: PHP MySQL, website data-driven; Visual Basic 6; Introduction to JavaScript; Advanced JavaScript.
Universiteit AntwerpenRUCA University – Antwerpen – University of Antwerp;
The University was founded in 2003 after the merger of the three universities that were previously known as RUCA (State University Centre Antwerp),
Bachelor, Translator 1995 – 1996 Simultaneous Translator, for Dutch, English, Portuguese and Spanish.
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